TUT             RIAL

TBS is an expert advisor created with 2 strategies, strategy 1: it works in the supports and price resistance, it uses its own custom indicator, but you can insert any custom indicator, strategy 2 uses the MA indicator integrated in the mt4.TBS is optimized to work with the recommended strategy 1.

Strategy 1

insert the recommended indicator

 in the indicators folder in mt4

color indicator = buffer EA

color red = resistance

color blue = support

in my set, use buffer 2,3,4,5 (true)

if you have your own custom indicator you can use it, as long as there are the colors that write in the chart

trailing stop

example setting with a new indicator

example price:  1,15000

1,15040 the trailing start 

active the stoploss at 1,15020

stralingstep step 10 

keeps the stoploss 20 points away from the price

money management

price offset

if you want to set the fixed lot for example 0.10

you can change the max lot


risk 10

max lot 0.10

with value 0 the pendants will open as the indicator draws the lines,

example with value 2, the pendants will be moved by 2 pips

Never forget that past performance is no guarantee for the future